Monday, September 29, 2008

I Have A New Sister!!!

  Today, September 29th 2008, my little brother Matthew became a husband to Stefanie Conine in an intimate beachside ceremony in Seattle Washington!!  I want to be among the first to wish them a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS, and tell them how happy we are to see them begin their "journey of a lifetime" together!  Matthew, your family is so proud of your decision to make Stefanie your bride.  We trust that you will love and cherish her, honor her and protect her every day of your life and that you will daily depend on the Lord to lead your lives into one of faith and hope in Him.  He who finds a wife, finds a good thing!  Stefanie, welcome to the family, sister!  You are a beautiful woman inside and out and my brother is so blessed to have found in you "the one" to share his life, hopes and dreams with.  As the two of you have become one, I pray that everyday your love would grow deeper and stronger for one another.  That nothing would divide you.  That your home would be a dwelling of laughter and peace, and that you would find (second to the Lord) in Matthew strength and security, a faithful love and encouragement, and a best friend forever.
Love you both,
your sister Julie


lookin4sprouts said...

OH, congratulations Matt and Stefanie! May you be blessed richly in this wonderful new beginning! :)
Much love, Brad and Kendra

Crims said... Hey Julie here is our web page. Congrats. to Matt!!

suzieco9 said...

Hi Julie! We are Stefanie's mom and dad. We just had dinner with your mom and dad, and they forwarded this to us. What a beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for welcoming our daughter so warmly into your family, and we are so grateful and honored to have Matt as part of ours. Suzie & Beau